torstai 5. kesäkuuta 2014

Life is good

While I was talking to my boyfriend, I mentioned to him that I had to write to a blog and I wanted to write about life. He turned to me and said: ’Life Is Good.’...

Since that moment, when he said, I’ve been wondering to myself, “Why is life good?”

At one point in my life, it was hard to believe in this phrase, "Life is good." I lost my mother, my grandfather and then got divorced. I also lost my job and almost all of my friends because I moved from the country where I was living for 4 years. Together, all of these things made me think negatively and took away my hope. I was flooded with thoughts telling me “You will never get another job.” “You are alone.” “Nothing will ever work out for you.”

Try to imagine yourself in my situation, and perhaps you can understand how hard it was for me. These days, it’s a bit easier to accept that “Life is Good.” I’m not saying today I don’t have prob- lems. The difference is I now choose to face them in a different way. Let me explain how I start- ed facing my fear, anxiety and pain.

Having faith: faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen•. It’s a total sense of belief in something or someone, even without having an immediate response. The act of believing makes us have hope – hope that things will improve. Therefore, believe, have hope and faith.

When I began to believe, I began to change the way I react to the difficulties and obstacles in my life. Having been in this situation, my advice to you is, decide what you will do and all of your plans will work••. I really wanted to have a better life, better thoughts and be emotionally
stable. And I can tell you it’s not easy, but you need to decide to do something. It could be sim- ple things like eating better, going for a walk, enjoying nature or doing good for someone.

Based on the verse above about faith, I began to manage my negative thoughts (and I had lots of them!) Whenever they entered my mind, I immediately cut them off and meditated on some- thing else. In fact, I now do this every day. I’ve learned that if you keep thinking about bad things, they will suck up all of your energy from good things. I now try to solve problems by fo- cusing on solutions and allowing the problems time to get resolved. Even as I write these words, I realize that it’s not easy at all. It’s still a daily struggle for me.

Believing in something: I believe in God and His power. During the time when I was going through all of those life-changing situations at once, I didn’t have enough faith to believe God would take control of my life and everything would work out. Like every human being, I was try- ing to fix my problems alone. I was doing it wrong again. If you say you believe in something, the best thing to do is to keep believing in it. So I started to look to God more and to have faith in Him, the One who would never let me down, the One in whom I could completely trust. I did this because as humans we are prone to make mistakes. And at that moment, I was very sensi- tive to the possibility of someone letting me down. I realized that just crying is unwilling to do anything and life totally missed the point. So I decided to believe in God , He would be my first option and not the last. I started to meditate on His word. It made my body calm down and al- lowed me to have clearer thoughts.

Having relationships: Family, my boyfriend and a few friends helped me remember that I was not alone. I started to see the love they have always shown. A love that cannot seem to be poi- soned by difficulties and negative feelings.

Being grateful: Be thankful for everything, good or bad. There is a reason for everything in life. Complain will not help you out.

And why life is good ? Well there is not only one answer . Because each person will have their on answer, but for me to believe in God to know that HE loves me unconditionally. The joy to spend time with the people that I love, doing simple things like going for a walk with my dog. This makes me feel so thankful and blessed. Today, I still have problems and fears, but they do not affect me like they used to it. They can't paralyze me anymore. I learned from my mistakes and I learned also to forgive myself and live a simple life.
If you wanna have a good life you can choose to do it , choose to love yourself and you will start to love people around you. And you will see it doesn’t matter how hard the situation looks like if you have Faith and start to believe, things will get better. Show the people around you that you care about them and this good energy that you will create will come back to you.

I received a challenge to share 5 good things about Brazil.
1. If there is a place in the whole world where you can see a variety of everything, it’s here, every state you go to, everything is so different that you will think you’ve crossed into another country’s border
2. Brazilians are the most faithful people that I know
3. I love fruits and we have so many kinds of fruits that i didn’t had opportunity to try all of them :O
4. The forests are gorgeous
5. The weather

Hope you can have the opportunity to visit Brazil one day!!

Here goes my challenge:
Life brings challenge to us all day, every day. My challenge to you is: For 10 days, you have to have a positive answer to any kind of things you will face during this days , can be anything like if the butter lip falls in the floor facing down or to a negative response you had from you boss, teach or mom. Anything that made you fell sad mad or stressed about it. And if you have some- thing good that happen you need to feel thankful and the same rule from big to small things like butter lip falls in the floor facing up.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebreus 11:1
Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Provérbios 4:25 

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